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A man’s fate is but his own disposition -- Menander (342-262 BC)


I. What is Paintball
a. A Brief History
b. Look Into The Future

II. Proposal

III. Goals

V. Benefits To Arkansas State University

V. Finances
a. Sponsors
b. Introduction to Brass Eagle

VI. Five Year Plan

VII. Closing

What is Paintball

In just under 20 years the sport of Paintball has grown and developed from a survivalist type of game into the wholesome family fun type of game it is today. The game was conceived by three men the early eighties, Charles Gaines, Hayes Noel, and Bob Gurnsey. These three men together developed the first game which was held in June of 1981. The invitations went out to 9 of their closest friends, each paying the sum of $175 to join in on the game. The invitations included the quote which appears on the first page of this presentation, A man’s fate is but his own disposition -- Menander (342-262 BC) (The New Official Survival Manual, Lionel Atwill, National Survival Games, 1987) The first game was an everybody against everybody or survival game as is was to come to be known.
From these simple roots of a survival game Paintball has developed into the sport that is played by millions of people world wide. It is a game in which all people share a common love for adventure and a strong competitive spirit. It is played by doctors, lawyers, homemakers, students, teachers and even college administrators.
Paintball’s growth in such a short period of time can even be classified as possible epic. In a recent super study on sports participation,Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA), has ranked Paintball 4th among what is classifies as extreme sports, currently ahead of snow boarding and slightly behind skate boarding, mountain biking and in line skating in the number 3, 2, and 1 spots. The study estimates some 5,923, 000 Paintballers in the U.S. alone with at least 793, 000 of these playing at least 15 days per year. Impressive growth from 9 players just under 20 years ago.
In a quote for The New Official Survival Manual, a book written by Lionel Atwill, one of the original participants, which was the original Bible on the sport, Charles Gaines comments about the phenomenal growth of Paintball as a sport:
All of this happened, I believe, because the game extends itself into a number of universally interesting metaphors. Playing the game can actually show you in its own terms who you are, and there is no more interesting metaphor than that. The game can also be seen as a metaphor for the effenciency of teamwork, for universal cause and effect and for the manner in which the consequences from sequential decisions. The game may be interesting because of these various metaphorical extensions, but it is not fun because of them; it is fun simply because it is fun. Conceived as a lark, it is a lark to play - an intricate demanding and thrilling child’s play which like all the best games can never be played perfectly. Play like this for adults is always in short supply.

With the growth that paintball has gone throught one can only use the imagination to decide what will be the next step. Some have said the Olympic Games some have said organized intercollegiate play and an intercollegiate championship. One can close the eyes and dream of where paintball will be in the next 5 to or 20 years.

We, The Arkansas State University Paintball Club and Paintball Team propose to the University the creation of a student ran and student profited Paintball playing field on the campus of Arkansas State University.

The land for this Paintball facility would be leased to the Arkansas State University Paintball Club and Paintball Team.

The Arkansas State University Paintball Club and Paintball Team will open, operate, and improve on said site to create a premier Paintball facility.

The facility will be for student, faculty, staff, and public use at no charge for field use or equipment use. However, profits from the retail sales of paintballs, Paintball equipment or other retail items sold at or used on the premises will be retained by the Arkansas State University Paintball Club and Paintball Team. At least one half of these profits will be used for improvements on the facility. The other half used to defray team expenses.

All permanent building or improvement on the premises will be presented to the Arkansas State University departments applicable for approval prior to building. These materials for such building or or contracts for the purpose of such building will be placed for bid and contracted out pursuant to Arkansas State University and The State of Arkansas guidelines.

The Arkansas State University Paintball Club and Paintball Team will create a Development Council for developing the facility and overseeing, administering development . The council shall consist of the president of the organization, the vice president, the treasurer, one selected member of the faculty/staff, and one sponsor. The meetings will be open to the public and any interested party may attend. Meetings will take place every 60 days for at least the first 3 years and every 180 days thereafter.


Provide a Safe and Fun Paintball Playing Facility.

Paintball is a fun and safe sport when the necessary equipment is used. In fact Paintball is rated in many studies the safest sport. Safer than even the sport of golf. However, safety does depend on use of the proper Paintball safety gear and observation of safety rules. Many Paintball players out there play on unorganized,”renegade” fields. Joining up with other friends who play a friendly game in the woods can be hazardous. Many of the safety issues emphasized in the sport are ignored or simply forgotten when people get together for these friendly games. An organized Paintball playing facility would not only provide a fun place to play the game but as safe place to play. Such as place is not available in our area. The closest organized fields are at least 60 miles from us. Thus a Paintball facility would also be a service to our community as well.

This facility would be under the eyes of it’s insurance holder. One of these under consideration, insurance provided by the American Paintball League. Under the APL the field is subject to various inspection and random unannounced inspections for safety and for safe Paintball play. The APL provided low cost insurance to fields on a per player basis, is an A+ rated insurance with a million dollar policy. The field, and lease holder is insured against any injury obtained while participating.

Make ASU the Collegiate Leader In Paintball.

Many university campuses across the United States have campus Paintball organizations. The internet lists many of these. Arkansas State University joins the esteemed list of such universities as Arizona State, Cornell, Michigan State, Penn State, Purdue, University of Illinois, University of Oregon and Mississippi State, to name a few. Many of these organizations are granted land by their respective universities on which to practice, hold tournaments, etc. However, only one that we have found actually operates an organized, safe, facility. Being school conscience it would make us very proud to offer this type of facility on the Arkansas State University campus and to know that we could be a part of something very special.

Arkansas State University would be a model for other universities across the United States and even the world. One of our sponsors Brass Eagle, Inc., an Arkansas Company, and leading world manufacturer of Paintball products has proposed that in return for their support that they would use the Arkansas State University model in marketing the idea to various universities. Also that they would organize a national collegiate Paintball tournament series and national collegiate championship. They have promised that at least the first five national Paintball championship tournaments would be held at the facility at Arkansas State University. Thus pushing Arkansas State University into the national Paintball limelight.

Build a Premier Playing Facility.

Our, and Brass Eagle’s vision of the Arkansas State University Paintball Field goes well beyond that of a simple Paintball playing field. We wish to construct a Paintball playing facility which would definitely be the best among collegiate fields but be one of the best in the world. The vision includes, indoor restroom facilities ( a rarity in of itself), locker rooms for tam as well as general use, showers, a small but ample pro shop, a meeting facility for groups before and after the game, a covered arena type field and a covered staging area. This would make the facility at ASU shine out and be astheticically pleasing as well as complimentary to the ASU campus.

Provide a Low Cost Alternative for Student Participation.

Unfortunately, Paintball is a somewhat expensive sport. Average, if not most, of the students on a college campus cannot afford to play Paintball on a regular basis, not to mention compete competitively on a national basis. If our proposal is realized we would be able to obtain large discounts on equipment and supplies need to play the sport. We would also be able to afford entry fees and supplies needed to practice for and to compete in the various national tournaments. The club, which is open to all ASU students, faculty, and staff would provide to its members for use in club/team practices and special club/team only events discounted merchandise in return for their membership. In addition one-half of the profits will be used to improve the facility but the other half will be used to defray team costs. Members who wish to defray tournament and other event costs will be allowed to do so by trading work in improvement or operation of the field. Using time sheets this work will be traded dollar for dollar to defray these sometimes exorbitant costs. Thus club/team members could work for the necessary supplies they need. This will also reduce overall operation cost to the field.

Help Bring Paintball to the Mainstream.

Many students express interest in the sport of Paintball, however, getting to a facility that offers rental equipment is a problem. Especially, since the closest facility to our campus is an hour away. A field within close walking range would make access by students far easier and thus expose them to this exciting game.

Also once again the class Paintball could be offered to the student population, not only as an ROTC elective but a physical education one. The ASU Paintball Club and Team would be more than willing to help instruct a course such as this under the guide of a recognized university professor. The course could be offered and an fee charged to cover the cost only of the paintballs used.

The exciting idea of a national collegiate championship brings Paintball one step closer to the mainstream of sports. Paintball is already covered periodically by ESPN but the idea of a national championship in the sport would definitely draw coverage. The fact that this could happen on the ASU campus even makes it more exciting. Also that our organization as well as ASU has the opportunity to make history and be a part of the mainstream growth is exciting.

We will offer one campus only, one charity event, one national event, and the national championships on campus.

Provide A Place For Team Building and Other Campus Programming.

Many campus organizations schedule team building retreats at a great cost. A paintball facility would provide a location on which campus groups could schedule team building and other campus programming at low cost and at little or no transportation cost. Paintball could even be incorportated int campus intramurals and/or leagues could be formed.


The cost of starting, building and operating of an Arkansas State University Paintball Facility will be at no cost, other than the lease on the land, to Arkansas State University. Finances will be derived in various ways.

1.) Retail Profits

At least half of all the profits from retail sales at the facility will be used for building and improvements on the facility. The other half will be used for team/club purposes. It is not completely out of line to assume that the profits from such an endeavor would reach in the $50,000 dollar range.

2.) Special Events

In addition to the national championship one special open event per year will be held. Combined profits from both of these events including sponsorships, etc. Should be in the $30,000 dollar range.

4.) Sponsorships

Paintball related sponsors as well as outside sponsors will be sought out. Some of these including those already affiliated with the university, i.e. Pepsi, should be more than willing to get in on this ground floor opportunity.

One such sponsor, Brass Eagle, Inc. an Arkansas Company, and the world’s leading manufacturer of Paintball equipment has already pledged support in the area of finances as well as logistics. Brass Eagle, a leader in the Paintball industry since its inception, and even before the game was thought up it was a company engineer which pioneered the first Paintball marking air gun, has agreed to finance all start up costs to include most of the equipment needed to start at a remarkably minimal cost to our organization. In exchange the field will sell exclusively Brass Eagle products and they will retain marketing rights to the campus Paintball facility idea. Thus it will be in their best interest for the success of the proposed facility. Brass Eagle as well has promised organization of the national tournament series and the championship site of the facility at Arkansas State University for at least five years. Their organization and promotion of this series could be huge in extent. With products in such retail chains as Wal-Mart, and K-Mart marketing through Brass Eagle would reach the eyes and even the homes of millions.

Benefits to Arkansas State University

Arkansas State University In The Lime Light

First and foremost this proposed plan would put Arkansas State University in the limelight in Arkansas, The United States, and even the world. Not only will this endeavor reach the pages of various Paintball related magazines it is sure to reach the general press as well. If not before, but when the national collegiate championships are held here on campus. A national championship will be sure to attract the likes of ESPN, etc.

It will be in the best interest of Brass Eagle, Inc. to promote this project to its fullest extent. The Arkansas State University name will be out there on the project as well reaching millions of eyes.

Inter-department Cooperation

In creation of this facility it will be necessary to hire student workers. Student workers will be needed for operations as well as improvements to take up spaces that team members will not be able to fill.

In addition it is the plan to hire an overall student manager immediately upon opening. The student management position would eventually be coop position with the business department’s management

Also possible coop positions would be in advertising and engineering/design, etc.

We also hope to be able to offer partial Paintball related scholarships to entering students by the end of the fifth year. Similar but not to the extent of athletic scholarships these should attract Paintball playing students to ASU.

Course Offering

The offering of a Paintball course at ASU would make for a good addition to the diversified offerings of courses. The Paintball class would attract many students who would like a low cost introduction to the sport and ASU would generate revenue from offering the class as well with little or no additional expense.

Community Involvement

The offering of a fun, safe, facility to the community at large would emphasize once again ASU’s commitment to our community. By providing a low cost place for those who wish to play the sport that is attractive as well as safe those who wish to experience Paintball excitement first hand. Such a facility would attract those from all around.

Student Attraction

Those that enjoy the sport of Paintball will travel when and where they can to play the sport. the fact that ASU has an on campus playing facility could definitely be the determinant in a someone making a college choice. The fact will be that Brass Eagle, Inc. will publicize, as will our organization, that Arkansas State University has a Paintball facility right on campus. Prospective students will see this and it could be one of the factors that helps a prospective student decide. Not only Paintball players but other students as well would see the facility as something else to do on campus and would therefore be attracted.

It has been proven that student involvement reduces drop out rates. A facility on campus would be another attractive prospect of something to be involved it as well.

5- Year Plan
(With 1st 180 Day Milestones)

Obtain site approval
Create manageable budget
Obtain insurance
Obtain any permits needed
Clean up site
Temporary structures
1) Portable building
2) Restrooms
Arena Ball area(s) erected
Web site
Field open for play

Hire student manager
Advertising begins
Wooded areas cleaned and developed for play
Grand opening event
Regular restrooms constructed
Chrono station and target range construction

Gravel Road and parking lot
Signage as per university guidelines
Prepare for students return (work with SAB)
Continued improvements in the wooded playing areas

120 DAYS
Freshmen week activities (Brass Eagle Trailer)
Welcome Back Event (Campus only)
Prepare for Labor Day Event
Bid out covered staging area

150 DAYS
Labor Day Weekend Open Event (Arena Ball in Equestrian Center)
Covered staging area
Road Improvements to next stage
Continued wooded area improvements
Routine repair and maintenance

180 DAYS
Create Development Council
- First Meeting
-180 day plan
Approach individual departments about coop programs
Plans for fall charity benefit
Routine repair and maintenance

Advertising, Advertising, Advertising
Sales and Office Constructed (Portable building removed or used in plan)
Toys for Tots Charity Event (December)
With individual departments develop coop programs
Routine repair and maintenance

Advertising, Advertising, Advertising
Begin Coop Programs
Development Council meet every 60 days
Routine repair and maintenance
1 campus event, 1 charity event, one open national event, Collegiate Championships
Shower/locker rooms built
Cover arena ball area
Pave parking lot and road by years end

Advertising, Advertising, Advertising
Development Council Meet every 60 days
Routine repair and maintenance
Playing facility improvements
1 campus event, 1 charity event, one open national event, Collegiate Championships
New covered staging area, enclose the old one to make meeting room/lodge

Advertising, Advertising, Advertising
Development Council Meet every 180 days
Routine repair and maintenance
Playing facility improvements
Final road/Parking lot improvements

Advertising, Advertising, Advertising
Development Council Meet every 60 days
Routine repair and maintenance
Playing facility improvements
New Five Year Plan