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Well they did it The Herald article made it to press. It lacks the pics we had hoped for and some things are misquoted but should help with recruitment if nothin else.

Reprinted here is the article taken from The Herald Online

Paintball becomes sports club for men, women alike

By Meredith Martineau
The Herald Staff

Some students have found a new way to get an adrenaline rush. These students are members of one of the newest clubs on campus, the Paintball Team.

The Paintball Team became official Jan. 18 bringing the fourth most popular extreme sport in America to Arkansas State University.

The club's founders, David Shaw, a senior social science major of Heber Springs, and Travis Harvey, a junior exercise science major of West Plains, Mo., originally wanted resident assistants in Twin Towers to use paintball as a hall program, but later decided the sport should be an officially recognized organization at ASU.

Now the Paintball Team is one of more than 20 teams at universities nationwide. Paintball is a popular sport attracting more than 5.9 million participants a year. Shaw said he thinks paintball is becoming popular because of the adrenaline-rush participants feel.

"I played high school football and baseball, and they don't compare to paintball," he said.

There are now 17 members on the ASU team who meet with paintball adviser Jeffrey Johnson at Collegiate Park on the last Wednesday of every month.

Shaw said they would like to see interest for the team grow on campus. "We don't have any women members yet at ASU, but that doesn't mean they are not welcomed," Shaw said.

All students are invited to join the team. Shaw said paintball has become a sport homemakers, students, retirees and anyone who enjoys competition can play.

The activity is a combination of "hide and seek" and "tag," he said. Players divide into teams and try to capture a flag.

The Paintball Team is planning to attend seven tournaments this semester. The next tournament will be Feb. 13 in Conway.

Anyone interested in joining the ASU Paintball Team may contact the club at


Another meeting full of news. The SGA has announced that we are officially a funded organization.

Although not near what we need for the year 2000. IT IS A POSITIVE STEP.

The tournament calender was formalized and discussed. Look for a calender of events on the page coming soon. Our first tourney as a team is 2/13, at Paintball Arkansas, Conway.

The Herald will write an article within the next week watch for it in the Herald and here. This should help with recruitment.


Well the dawn of the new millineum is upon us and the dawn of the ASU Paintball Club is as well

Our first meeting of the new semester and year 2000 has come and gone awith exciting news. The ASUPC and ASU Paintball Team is now officially a reality having been officially recognized by ASU as of 1/18>

Therefore the time has come to get funding from the university and seek sponsorships in and out of the sport.

Also we are formalizing our calender and budgets for the Y2K Paintball Club/Team. Any suggestions are welcome.

Our next meeting will be on 2/2/00

Congrats are in order for Brad and Brent Deckard who with Team Regulators took first at Paintball Arkansas Sponsorship Series, round 1 earlier in the month.


For all you that did not make it to the Indoor at Memphis you missed some exciting Paintball action.

We did have two of our guys there, Brad(VP)Deckard and Brent(Sec.)Deckard. You need to congratulate these guys next time you see them. They represented Paintball at Arkansas State University very, very well! They were bracketed with some MAJOR teams in the Paintball scene and held there own. Their team just narrowly missed the cut for the finals. A couple of better calls and they would have been in it. Brad made an incredible move that will at least get his name mentioned in the National Magazines. A killer dive for the flag.



Our next such event to take a group to will be Mardis Gras Open, in February. We hope to be represented by a team in this one. It will probably be our first tourney as a team. We will also want to take anyone that wants to go. THIS IS MARDIS GRAS TIME PEOPLE. It will be fun to be in New Orleans as well as educational as far as paintball is concerned. More on this later, but start thinking about it now. Well the term is almost over. It has been an eventful one for the paintball team at ASU. We hope that everyone has an excellent Christmas and Santa is good to you. We hope to see everyone back in full force in the Spring for The Arkansas State Paintball Team Year 2000. We will be doing membership drives as well and hope to be over 30 strong before the end of the term. Our first meeting of the spring term will be e-mailed to you soon. Be on the lookout.


~David Shaw~